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Your Best Interest LLC and connect 2 collaborate (2 businesses)

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Your Best Interest LLC and connect 2 collaborate (2 businesses)
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As a multipreneur, I get you "unstuck" 1) as a high-energy LinkedIn coach, trainer, speaker, author, to further achieve your business/career goals 2) consultant on the best tools for faster, secure e-payment processing to improve your organization's cash flow. My passion is helping others look "amazing-er."

1) I evangelize to help others "see the light" with LinkedIn:
As a LinkedIn coach and trainer I make LinkedIn the power tool in my marketing toolbox; a focal point for branding myself and my businesses. I'll show you how to do this too:
1) I authored "LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices," June 2017
2) I published "You, Us, Them, LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really
Want to Make a Difference," June 2018.
For both books, see

My work is customized: 1-to-1 coaching or group training sessions at corporations, professional service firms, small companies, membership organizations, nonprofits.

2) I evaluate and advise on smarter e-payment methods. I show your business (my brand Your Best Interest) or nonprofit organization (my brand e-giving) how to accelerate cash flow to get freer, faster cash flow into your bank account with:
► credit card and/or electronic check (ACH) payments
► one-time or recurring payments
► a custom secure e-commerce shopping cart that looks exactly like your website.

So, you might are my multipreneurial business interests intertwined?
I meet amazing professionals who are "stuck." The common denominator getting you "unstuck" as I help you:
1) tell why you do what you do on LinkedIn for greater collaboration and career success
2) improve your cash flow and reduce processing fees with expert client service.

In each case, my value proposition is for you to attain greater business success. Being client-centric is how I operate.
My tagline is "I exceed expectations." Clients agree too.


George Washington University
Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
MBA, 1979
internaitonal business
1977 To 1979

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
BA cum laude, 1979
internaitonal relations
1973 To 1977

Job History

LinkedIn Trainer and Evangelist
May 2010 - present

Your Best Interest LLC and its egiving division
Managing Partner
September 2001 - present